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Lynn Cavallo - COO

Lynn Cavallo was born in New York City and moved to Miami, FL at the age of 12 where she picked up her love for painting. With the demands of life she went into the corporate environment becoming an expert in sales and operations management for over 9 years.  She worked for multiple major communications companies and although It brought financial stability she lacked the passion. Years had passed that Lynn neglected her love for art and creating. With Our Millionaire Idea Lynn has now married her love for creating with her business savvy background to help grow the next great idea.  

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Brittany Brewer - CEO

Brittany Brewer was born in Long Beach, CA but now resides in Miami, FL. She lived in Atlanta for many years but missed the beach therefore decided to move to Miami. Having gone to school for Marketing and being in sales for over 10 years Brittany saw the positive impact she could bring to businesses. Being a fan of Alex Tew's One Million Dollar Homepage and brain storming on the topic with Anthony and Lynn the Millionaire Idea was born. With a heavy focus on marketing and online visibility Brittany's main priority is finding the next great idea worthy of the $1 million dollars. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at Contact Us. 

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Anthony Cavallo - CMO

Anthony Cavallo was born in New York City and now resides in Miami, FL. He lived in Los Angeles for the past 10 years but recently moved to Miami to be closer to family.  Anthony specializing in social media and marketing has spent over 10 years helping small businesses grow their business and gain exposure. Anthony being passionate about the small business community not only wanted to help market the idea but allow the audience to chose who could win the $1 million dollars to grow a business. 

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