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A Vote is the opinion of a group as determined by voting; "they put the winning Millionaire Idea ad to a vote". Millionaire Idea ads are marketing campaigns that are voted on during a election cycle. A election cycle is complete when 200,000 OMIs are sold. During that election cycle will place advertisement on all our major social media platforms.

How to Vote?

You pick the Millionaire Idea commercial ad you would like to support and purchase as many votes as you like at $1 each. A Vote does not buy you OMIs but each OMI includes one free Vote. You use your Account Number as a coupon, at check out, to take advantage of the free Vote(s).


You can earn free Votes through referrals. When you purchase your first OMI of the day you are assigned a new referral Code. Referral codes expire after 72 hours. For every purchase made with your referral code you get a free Vote assigned to your email address.

Responsibilities of a Voter.

Voters are responsible for choosing the Millionaire Idea ad who will be winning the $1 millon dollars to grow their idea.  Our Millionaire Idea encourages our voters to do research on who and what they’re voting for. Unless you know them personally I would see what they have done in the past, does their execution plan make sense, can they be easily reached and are they responsive.  We would also recommend reading more about the industry the business is in, has it been done before and how did that work out. Our Millionaire Idea is not responsible for or conduct any background research on the Millionaire Idea ad submitter. The Millionaire Idea’s success is the responsibility of the Millionaire Idea submitter. Voters must take their responsibilities seriously. Please read Terms of Use and All Terms and Conditions (T&Cs)

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