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Our Millionaire Idea (OMI) allows participants to choose a business or idea that we call the Millionaire Idea. Millionaire Idea commercial ads are submitted for voting by participants who purchase, an OMI. The commercial ad with the most votes earns $1,000,000 towards funding their business plan! One million dollars is given to each Millionaire Idea winner after every election cycle. A election cycle is complete after 200,000 OMIs are sold. 

How to place an ad on Our Millionaire Idea?

It’s easy, just purchase an OMI!  What's an OMI? OMIs are different commercial ad packages offered by Our Millionaire Idea. Below are the three OMIs and what they provide. 

OMI Bronze $10 – includes 1 Commercial Ad and 1 Vote. The commercial ad will be posted to, Twitter or Instagram and YouTube.

OMI Silver $30 – includes 1 Commercial Ad and 1 Vote. The commercial ad will be posted to, 2 social media accounts of their choice, YouTube, and a press release.

OMI Gold $55 – includes 1 Commercial Ad and 1 Vote. The commercial ad will be posted to, posted to all 6 social media platforms, 2 paid promotions with a budget of $5 each, (It is their choice which social media to be promoted to.) and a press release.

You can buy multiple OMIs in one submission but only one commercial ad per transaction. The more OMIs you purchase the more exposure you get for your business or idea and the more free votes you can earn. 

Responsibilities of a Millionaire Idea Ad Submitter

Your Millionaire Idea ad should include an execution plan and how you plan to make money using the $1 million dollars. Please read Millionaire Idea Ad Submission Tips, OMI Rules, and Prohibited Ideas in T&Cs. Once approved your Millionaire Idea ad will be available on the site to be voted on and posted on all our social media accounts. More on Voting.  A Millionaire Idea ad is open until 200,000 OMIs are sold for that election cyle. The Millionaire Idea with the most votes after the election cycle is closed earn $1 million dollars to grow their business or idea.

*After 18 months if 200,000 OMIs have not been sold the business cycle will close. The Millionaire Idea with the most votes will be paid 50% of their final vote count or $1,000,000, whichever is less, to fund their business plan.

Millionaire Idea Ad Submitter relationship with Voters.  

Be honest, reachable and responsive. Let people know all about who you are and what your business or idea is set out to fulfil. Commit to answer voter questions and address their concerns, quickly and thoroughly to the best of your ability— people trust that you’re reliable, available, and committed to your business idea.  Be open and ethical. It can be easy to "sell" your business or idea with fancy pitches and big promises, but voters will trust you much more when you are clear with your words and truthful. Give them an executive business summary of your idea, and be honest about the risks and challenges. Don’t try to make your Millionaire Idea look more popular than it is or plot the system— Millionaire Idea submitter who try voter schemes are at risk of having their Millionaire Idea suspended and OMIs revoked without refund.  

Millionaire Idea Earner Benefits

A Millionaire Idea ad is placed on which gets tons of traffic, is also posted on up to 6 major social media platforms, and a press release. Please feel free to find us on our social media accounts located at the bottom of this page. The Millionaire Idea ad that earns the most votes wins the election and is given $1 million dollars towards growing their Millionaire Idea or bringing it to life!! Please read Terms of Use. 

If someone approaches you with offers to promote or market your business, remember that Our Millionaire Idea does not endorse or have any partnership with such services. If you do think about hiring one, do your research before contracting them. If the service sends spam messages or distributes lists to particpants or voter emails, you'll be held accountable, and your business idea could be suspended and post deleted with no refund. Please read all T&Cs.

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