What is Our Millionaire Idea Advertisement?

What we do!

Our Millionaire Idea (OMI) allows participants to choose a business or idea that we call the Millionaire Idea. Millionaire Idea commercial ads are submitted for voting by participants who purchase, an OMI. The commercial ad with the most votes earns $1,000,000 towards funding their business plan! One million dollars is given to each Millionaire Idea winner after every election cycle. A election cycle is complete after 200,000 OMIs are sold.

Don't have a new idea? Don't worry an idea is optional you can still purchase an OMI and earn free votes or simply vote to show support. If you have already posted your idea you can purchase a OMI for more social media shout outs and press exposure.  

How it Works?

  1. Purchase an OMI(s)
  2. Refer everyone you know to participate and take advantage of all social media exposure
  3. Vote on the best Millionaire Idea Ad with the best execution plan. *More about Voting.
  4. The Millionaire Idea ad with the most votes wins the election and earns $1 million dollars towards growing their Millionaire Idea!!

Why Participate in Our Millionaire Idea?

Why Not?!?

  • Add your commercial ad, get exposure and potentially make money! $1,000,000 worth!
  • Support an idea or company you admire or would love to see come to life 
  • Watch Our Millionaire Idea grow
  • Participate in entreprenuer and business growing history.
  • Invest in yourself!!

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